So Many Lasts (mix preview)

by Peter Williams



A short excerpt from my new continuous mix, "So Many Lasts." You may download the full 30-minute mix here:


"So Many Lasts" is best described in parts. It's part mash-up, part mixtape; part upbeat, part low-key; part household names, part "who's that?"

In June of 2012, it began as a simple mash-up of three tracks. A year later, it became a continuous 30-minute mix featuring an eclectic collection of artists and genres.

Summer is a transitional period for many young people. It may accompany the end of high school, the end of college, or the move from one place to another. But, as the saying goes, every end marks a new beginning--a new place, a new life, new people, and new opportunities.

There are so many lasts, but just as many firsts.


released June 11, 2013
Mix and artwork by Peter Williams